Complete Frontend Developer Roadmap For 2021

I’m the one making sure all the pieces fit together, the servers are up and running, and the hardest tasks get done. When I’m not doing that, I teach and do research at the university. I’m eager to upgrade my skills all the time and pass on to others what I know. Here is a small guide to go through after you’re ready to start.

front-end developer roadmap

Once you’ve mastered your first app you might want to add some integrations depending on the type of app. The list of integrations can also be found in the integration chart from the link below. After you choose your poison you need to get familiar with it. I am a linux enthusiast and I choose a Vagrant box everythome, on any OS. If your front end developer soul does not feel satisfied with these tables you can download some difficulty charts from the pdf here.

Things You Need To Start Coding?

The Command Line Interface is a tool into which you can type commands to make the computer performs tasks. Right here I’m sharing resources that are made by Expert Developer. And by finishing any of this course you’ll become a front-End developer/ full stack developer. It is your best roadmap for turning into Front-End developer & able to get job by finishing it. Choose any of above and search for front-end development/ web developer.

  • The most common CLI is the Bash Shell, which is the default on Linux and Mac systems.
  • We discussed why it can be a good option for people who are interested in it.
  • The mandatory items are for beginners and the optional ones for when you’re ready to move to the next step.
  • Both NPM and Yarn have the same purpose, it is debatable which one is better than the other, but basic idea is, you should use only one of the two and you should have a basic understanding of the two.
  • It’s also a frontend development framework that enables developers and designers to quickly build fully responsive websites.
  • Don’t start with learning the manual because you will get bored and confused.

The web keeps changing with new technologies so, it is essential to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, and never stop learning. Both NPM and Yarn have the same purpose, it is debatable which one is better than the other, but basic idea is, you should use only one of the two and you should have a basic understanding of the two. It keeps an eye on the version number of the packages in use and even the dependencies of the packages that you use in your project. In the same way, you will have to link all the pages and actions of your application with the backend with the help of APIs. Static websites are the website in which the content of the website does not change very often or does not change at all. Git checkout -b new-branch-name – it creates a new branch for you with the name provided by you and checks out to that branch.

Let’s understand it this way, DOM is the document that consists of elements as objects which has their properties and methods. Till now, we have created our body with all the structure, bones, muscles, and skin, and everything. But we do want a working body, we want to use our feet to work for walking and hands to help us type this blog, that you can see and read with your eyes. We have created elements that are needed now, we need to define how they should look as per the design and where they should be placed.

It is the code that describes the content of your page, which is then rendered by the browser. You can use HTML to add text, images, audio, video, and more to your website. HTML is easy to learn and the best part is, you can write it in any text editor. Today, we will introduce you to front-end development and tell you how to get started. You watch the tutorial and after watching you try to code by yourself.


This means, if you want to become a frontend developer you must know at least a CSS framework and/or a Javascript framework. You scoured the internet and couldn’t find a clear answer to what is front-end development and how can you become a front-end developer? The purpose of this article is to put your thoughts in order, to establish the point from which you start, and to get a vision of what the frontend-developer branch means. JavaScript allows us to implement dynamic elements into your website, such as interactive maps, animations, updates, and more. Front-end developers work with the user facing side of the website.

front-end developer roadmap

So, DOM helps you target and grab any element on your website, and use it or its properties to change it or use it in any way you want in your project. E.g. you want to show a modal that pops up on the screen when you hit a button, so we can use DOM to achieve that. Now, same as our body organs, we use HTML to create elements for our website.

Best Frontend Developer Roadmap !

When it comes to package managers, the first thing that comes to my mind is NPM and Yarn. SCSS – Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets is a preprocessor stylesheet language compiled to CSS. It allows you to use variables, nested rules, mixins, functions, and more, all with a fully CSS-compatible syntax. It helps in organizing large stylesheets while making it easier to share design across projects.

Front-end developers are both creative and tech-savvy, and act as the bridge between designers and back-end programmers. Static websites don’t usually need any database design and are good for cases when there are fewer pages and very few update cycles. To build a static website you just need to have HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge. After you have done a basic course on the above three, you will have some idea of how these technologies are used in front-end development.

On the other hand, in unit testing, small units or bits of code are tested to make them bug-free. Choosing a Javascript library or framework speed up the development process and provide you to create a dynamic website or web app quickly. See, you need to learn the basic building blocks of front end development first, so you can quickly make a good looking website.

As a final note, frontend development is a very promising career for a developer and opportunities are endless. On other hand, dynamic websites content can change very often, based on its users, timezone, etc. To develop a dynamic website, you necessarily need to have a backend and a database design, because Dynamic websites are mostly database-driven.

As a beginner, it is very helpful when you have a clear idea about the processes and paths you need to know to achieve anything in your career. Linking pages together on a website/application for users to move back and forth. At this step, if someone spent a good time practising everything explained already, he/she will be able to make a good looking and functional website. You think of these three components of web development as the human body. Once you’re done with your app you need to put your DevOps hat on. If you don’t have one you will need to learn a few things.

You can start with this as soon as you want, but not before learning a little bit about OOP. Here is what you need to learn, in the order you need to learn it. The mandatory items are for beginners and the optional ones for when you’re ready to move to the next step. Don’t skip the basics because it will hunt you later. Vue.js – is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable.

front-end developer roadmap

Here you need to learn the basics of HTML, but you might want to pay more attention to HTML forms as they will be fundamental in the future. With the answers to these questions, we begin our journey to become a front-end developer. A free, bi-monthly email with a roundup of Educative’s top articles and coding tips.


You will sometimes hear frontend developers being addressed as Angular/Vue/Node developers. This is because hire a front-end developer they use that specific framework for their JS needs. There are also Node.js developers who do front end .

front-end developer roadmap

If you follow my path in sequence then you’ll definately get a job in 5 month of learning. Depends on you, how you approach my path as properly. As a beginner it can be confusing for you to decide what to choose for your next project, should it be a static website or a dynamic one. Git push origin remote-branch-name – it pushes your code to the remote branch which you have mentioned in the command. Git init- it adds git to your new project and creates a master branch to your repository.

Table Of Content

CSS, like HTML, is not a programming language either, but a styling language for HTML. To put it simply, HTML describes the content while CSS describes how the content should be formatted – basically, anything that controls the look and feel of the page. This allows HTML to go back to its original job as a structural language. Front-end developers, on the other hand, get to build everything a user touches and interacts with on the screen, such as layouts, information, engagement, etc.

In this video, I will tell you how to become a front end web developer without getting exhausted. Some are switching from one technology to another, and in the end, are too exhausted and stop learning. If you want to know more about each stage of the process, make sure to read the longer general version of this article. And if you’re really into Laravel and want to do the same read the longer Laravel version.

Build her website with photos, reviews, testimonials, links to her social media, and more. Commands can be combined to achieve a variety of outcomes, and since you’re able to communicate with the computer directly, this is the more powerful and efficient way to control your tasks. The most common CLI is the Bash Shell, which is the default on Linux and Mac systems.

Browser dev tools would be your friend in all scenarios. It would be a plus point for you if you learn to use dev tools efficiently. When you start working on SPAs, there will be a lot of dependencies that your frontend code will require, and to manage all that, you have npm and yarn. You must gain some experience in integrating and using open-sourced libraries. They can be for any use cases, could be for creating UIs, like using a bootstrap library or using an image slider library. Git pull – this will pull all the changes from the remote branch to your remote branch.

Step Three: Trial And Error

Universal – is the Angular execute on the server, generating static application pages that later get bootstrapped on the client. This means that the application generally renders more quickly, giving users a chance to view the application layout before it becomes fully interactive. React Native – is a JavaScript framework for real writing, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. It’s based on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for building user interfaces, but instead of targeting the browser, it targets mobile platforms.

We’ll talk about this in another article, but for now remember that you need a repository. In this article I made three flowcharts for the three circles of web development hell , including the technologies attached to them. I hope I’ve made them look a little bit friendlier now. I do go in depth with all of them in another two longer articles, one of them geared towards general web development, the other towards Laravel. This is why we thought of putting together our experiences of becoming who we are today.

Popular frameworks that help you develop SPAs are React.js, Angular,.js, Vue.js, and Svelte, etc. Also, no matter what you choose to learn you don’t really need to reinvent the wheel. It will allow you to download and use code already created in your application.

It’s my firm belief that back end is the most beautiful form of programming there is . I’m not here to convince you to choose this path, but if you decide to, here’s a little list of what you need to know. Don’t forget to make use of google along your journey. There’s plenty of support out there from Stackoverflow ( a Q&A community) to github issues pages and forums. Develop, build, deploy, redeploy, and teardown frontend projects fast.

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